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Solvent recycling and coating measuring machines: Frumecar’s answer to the challenges of sustainability and the circular economy.

by | Jul 28, 2021 | Innovation | 0 comments

Industry currently operates in a linear way: goods are produced, they are used until they are consumed, and what remains (the waste) is discarded into the environment (buried, burned or dumped into rivers and seas).

This system is endangering the conditions of life on our planet. The pollution of soils and aquifers is getting worse, greenhouse gas emissions are increasing, and resources with a long renewal cycle, or even non-renewable resources like oil, are disappearing.

To address this serious problem, states, global institutions and companies have decided to change this harmful pattern of production and consumption, and have taken steps to make both stages economically and ecologically sustainable.

This is how the concept of circular economy was born. It is based on using all resources in a way that minimises toxic emissions and waste or reintroduces them into the production process.

This requires more efficient production and recycling systems. At Frumecar we have worked to make advances in both directions and to contribute towards making our concrete plants and concrete mixers more efficient, sustainable and cleaner.

Two examples of this are our new technology to calibrate the quality of the painting and coating of parts and our new solvent recycling system.

  • The coating analysis laboratory, which we have already discussed, measures the corrosion-resistance of coatings. To make this detection task more efficient, to this laboratory we have added machines that measure the degree of paint thickness. This helps to make the coatings more uniform and apply the paint more efficiently, allowing it to be applied at the required levels. We also have devices that show the primer’s degree of adhesion to the part. All of this enables us to reduce paint consumption.
  • The machinery we use for painting needs to be cleaned daily, and this is done with solvent. Until recently, the waste from this activity (solvent mixed with paint sludge) was delivered to a company that managed the waste. We now have a device that separates the solvent from the paint sludge through distillation. Up to 90% can be reused, creating a cycle with up to 8 new uses for the solvent. This also improves the process’s carbon footprint, as less time and less fuel is needed to perform such an operation. For example, recycling requires the company’s operators to travel and it also uses additional machinery, which consumes extra energy.

Frumecar spends part of its time studying how to make its production process more sustainable and less costly. We have a commitment not only to the concrete sector but also to the people, those who are directly involved in our activity and those who may be affected by it. That’s why we put innovation at the service of sustainability.

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