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Turn Your Leftover Concrete Into A Business Opportunity.

Frumeblocks, molds for making concrete blocks

Frumeblocks solves a serious problem for companies in the construction sector about what to do with excess concrete. A simple system of molds makes it possible to produce concrete pieces of five different sizes to be easily assembled and stored.

Comfortable, practical and simple

Concrete block molds allow you make concrete blocks in an easy and simple way with your production surplus.

You can sell them as precast for temporary or permanent construction, as they are easily stacked and fit tightly without the need for cement.

A modular form of fast and efficient construction

Its operating system is the same as that of construction parts; some studs in the upper part of the blocks and some holes in their base make them fit together perfectly. With them, you can create firm and durable structures: retaining walls delimit areas, build warehouses and annexes, dividing wall…

Maximum manufacturing simplicity

Making a block only requires putting the mold on a flat surface, pouring oil inside to help the subsequent extraction of the block and pouring the concrete. As you pour the concrete, you must subject it to vibration so that the piece is compact and homogeneous. You flatten it with a trowel and you have your concrete block made by yourself.

Why buy Frumeblocks


  • Simplify your waste management.
  • It allows constructions in your company with speed and agility.
  • Reduce costs.
  • Add an asset to your business.
  • Affordable price.

Outstanding advantages

  • Simple use mode.
  • Very easy to store.
  • Quick preparation.
  • Easy to sell as prefabricated.
  • Pieces of 5 different sizes.



1500X600x600 Total length (mm) Width (mm) High (MM) Weight (KG) DENSITY (KG / DM3)
MOLD A 1.670 755 600 187
FULL BLOCK 1.500 655 600 1250 2,35
HALF BLOCK 900 655 600 750 2,35
SMALL BLOCK 600 655 600 500 2,35
1600X800x800 Total length (mm) Width (mm) High (MM) Weight (KG) DENSITY (KG / DM3)
MOLD B 1.700 955 800 270
FULL BLOCK 1.600 855 800 2.400 2,35
HALF BLOCK 800 855 800 1.200 2,35

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