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Frumecar resources to help concrete producers to make their businesses more profitable and efficient

Frumecar makes available materials and documentation on state-of-the-art solutions in production, transport and digital technology for the concrete industry.

We aim to provide detailed information on current trends and practical examples, tools that will take your business to another dimension in productivity and help you understand concrete better. In this section you can also find Frumecar corporate materials for further information about our products and services.

Success stories

ELA4 Project for Eiffage

More than 50,000 m3 of concrete to send rockets into space. Eiffage chose Frumecar concrete plants for one of its most important projects: the construction of the Ariane 6 rocket launch assembly at the ELA4 facility in French Guiana.

White Papers

Big data in the concrete industry

The digital revolution is changing the economy, society and people. At the heart of this revolution are the thousands and thousands of bytes of data analysed by Big Data. And the concrete industry is not immune to this revolution.

How to choose the right concrete plant for your project

This whitepaper is specifically designed to assist you in the process of choosing a concrete plant. It provides a coherent and objective framework to work from, to allow you to assess all the aspects involved in your acquisition.