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Helping you make decisions.

Frumecar Cloud

A platform of advanced applications and systems, designed to optimise and manage concrete production companies.

Frumecar Cloud provides information to all process actors: managing directors, production managers, engineers, heads of maintenance, drivers, etc.

It provides services to all departments, facilitating management, control and decision-making processes.

Everything is easier with more information … and more effective.

Higher productivity, thanks to automation

Fully automated concrete batching plants, so you and your team can spend time on more productive tasks.

Higher profitability, improving project management

You can increase the productivity of your plants by receiving the adequate information, focusing on what is most profitable for you.

Sales decisions that hit the target

Find out where market demand is moving and focus on customer satisfaction; less problems and satisfied customers.

An application for each need

You will find an application in each field in which decisions need to be made, which will provide you with information and help you make decisions. Save time for the most productive area of your business, ensuring you control everything and at all times.

Frumecar Vision

Balanced scorecard.

Control all of your plants in real time from any device.

Frumecar Planner

Centralised production planning system.

It can be used to plan orders in all production centres from any device.

Frumecar Manager

Centralised production management system for plants and concrete mixers.

It can be used to check the status of all orders and their deviations to the plan in real time.

Frumecar Tracker

Fleet management system.

Control and monitor all of your concrete mixers with this system.

Frumecar Care

Preventive and predictive maintenance application.

Your equipment operating like the first day. Less downtime, less expenses.


Range of Frumecar Cloud applications

The tools that will take your business to another productivity dimension.

Frumecar Vision

Key Point Indicator (KPI) system designed for facility managers and supervisors.

Allows concrete batching plants to be controlled in real time from any electronic device.


You can check the operation of a production plant almost at a glance and make correct decisions, based on data:


  • Manufacturing statistics.
  • Analysis of deviations to the average values.
  • Sales indicators.
  • Works indicators.
  • Concrete mixer statistics.
  • Formulations and types of cement used.
  • Summary charts.

Frumecar Formulas

Quality and laboratories

All your concrete batching plants operating centrally from a single control panel.



If your business manages several concrete plants in different locations, you can now manage all your work formulas as if it were a single unit.

  • Joint or independent operation and management depending on your needs.
  • A world of optimization possibilities for your installations.
  • The entire formulation of Frumecar K2 working in coordination.

Frumecar Tracker

Digital delivery note and fleet management system.

Used to control your concrete mixer fleet in real time and monitor the loading status at all times.


GPS systems are mounted on all fleet vehicles, in addition to concrete mixer soundproofing elements

  • Checks different parameters in real time, such as the operating temperatures of critical elements, controls water supplied to the site, study of hydraulic pressures, speed control, etc…
  • Records the site reception control times, pouring start time and site departure time.
  • Can be used to create reports and statistics.
  • Guarantees and certifies the quality. received at the delivery destination.
  • Support for digital signatures and delivery notes.
  • Compatible with mobile with printer * Sumni v2s.

Frumecar Planner

Centralised production management system for production plants and concrete mixer fleets.

Allows concrete batching plants to be controlled in real time from any electronic device.


It can be used to plan orders in all production centres from any electronic device.



  • Planning orders of assigned concrete:
    • customers.
    • works.
    • trucks.
    • drivers.
    • formulations.
  • Real-time warnings in relation to production and concrete delivery deviations.
  • Detailed production reports.

Frumecar Care

Preventive and predictive maintenance application.

Used to manage and control the maintenance procedures of all equipment in their respective plants.


Based on production statistics and/or km travelled, using artificial intelligence techniques to analyse the production process.


Features a powerful system that:

  • Records system errors.
  • Proposes recommended checks.
  • Provides information about maintenance actions.
  • Allows the user to request automated quotes for parts subject to wear.

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