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Frumecar Equipment for Precast

Maximum production with the highest reliability, Frumecar guarantee.

Precast concrete is the concrete element that has been molded and cured in an industrial plant or in another place designed for it, different from the site of its consumption. Its use is enormously advantageous in all cases, by batch manufacturing of the elements, quality is guaranteed, and assembly is easier.

At Frumecar, we apply our experience of over 49 years as a manufacturer and comprehensive supplier of high-quality machinery for the concrete industry, offering a product line for the precast sector of the highest quality and a high level of automation.

We use the most effective manufacturing and assembling techniques and always use only top-quality materials and technology partners from leading international brands for each and every component of our equipment.

Discover why choosing Frumecar equipment is a guarantee of profitability and peace of mind for many, many years.


Their robust construction, versatility, and excellent production and profitability qualities, makes the Frumecar Mobile Block Making Machines the best choice when you invest in production with automatic mobile block making machines, offering the best solution for the production of high-quality concrete elements.


The equipment and accessories improve production according to your needs, increasing efficiency and performance by increasing the versatility and production of precast machines. At Frumecar, we are aware of the importance of these and offer the same construction quality to provide best-class accessories.

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