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This is where you can learn about the trends in the concrete industry

At Frumecar we know the importance of sharing, so we want to make our knowledge and experience available to people working in the industry to keep them abreast of the latest developments in the manufacture of machinery for the concrete industry.

Using a variety of sources of information and formats, we make available documentation, technical information and training material. Our blog posts, case studies, brochures and technical catalogues give you an in-depth picture of our portfolio of solutions, products and services.

You can also learn from the experience of other customers with similar needs to yours and find ideas to take your projects forward, applying innovative concrete technology.

Success stories

At Frumecar, every challenge is an opportunity. That is why Frumecar’s tailor-made solutions have contributed to the success of companies in different industries in their concrete production needs.

Our success stories are a clear example.

Yours can be the next.

White Papers

More than 40 years’ experience in the concrete industry are the source of our knowledge of the industry.

Frumecar wants to disseminate that experience through white papers that help to explain the methods, technologies and processes that have made us leaders in machinery and innovative technology for the concrete industry.

Frumecar Blog

Frumecar’s blog. Articles written by our specialists in solutions and best practice in the concrete industry.