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First Frumecar electric concrete mixer.

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When we were presented with the challenge of collaborating on a concrete mixer equipped on an electric truck, we did not hesitate to put all our effort and dedication to faithfully follow the path marked out in Frumecar. We work every day to meet the needs of the concrete industry without compromising the needs of the planet, ensuring a balance between the development of our clients and the conservation of the biosphere. All this, in the construction sector, essential for sustainable development.

For this, participating in the development of a 100% functional concrete mixer with electrical energy is the best opportunity.

That is why we are proud to present the first electric truck mixer from Frumecar in Sweden on a Volvo FE truck.

Given the specific circumstances, the challenge in this case was to lighten the final weight of the assembly as much as possible, so that the performance was not diminished and the best possible consumption and autonomy ratios were achieved.

For this type of need, Frumecar has lightened versions made with state-of-the-art materials such as SSAB HARDOX steel, a high-quality material that achieves maximum resistance with minimum thickness.

In this case, the model chosen was an FH-60 for a capacity of six m3 of concrete, made with Hardox-450 sheet with a high elastic limit that manages to lighten the weight of the equipment while providing excellent anti-wear characteristics with great durability.

The ZF-CML-10 Reducer team manages to reduce the weight of the concrete mixer even more, occupying less space. The concrete mixer is also equipped with a 400 l capacity aluminum tank for the water needed to clean the equipment.

The truck on which it is installed is a fully electric Volvo FE 6×2 model capable of transporting up to 27 tons of weight between vehicle and payload, for which the position of the hydraulic pump has been adapted to take it to a different position than usual where the truck’s 100% electric PTO is located.

The rest of the components in which it is possible to lighten weight are replaced without altering the capacities of the concrete mixer (aluminum water tanks, plastic fenders, fiber channels) substituting materials for lighter ones that have the same resistance.

In short, one more step towards sustainability through state-of-the-art techniques and materials that have helped Frumecar launch our first Frumecar concrete mixer on an electric truck.

We hope it will be the first of many that will help meet the environmental impact and climate footprint targets that will allow a sustainable planet to be returned to future generations.

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Frumecar: A New Way of Working. AI-Driven Ideation.

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