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Frumecar: A New Way of Working. AI-Driven Ideation.

by | Jan 4, 2024 | Innovation | 0 comments

In the dynamic concrete industry market, Frumecar stands out for its ability to anticipate and meet the current and future needs of its clients, placing innovation at the core of its strategy and DNA as a beacon to achieve its objectives.

Therefore, at Frumecar we are very proud of the industry recognition in this regard, as evidenced by the European Union’s IMProve 2019 report, reaffirming our position as one of the most innovative companies in our field.

Innovation at Frumecar goes beyond the simple implementation of new ideas; it is a strategic ideation process where transformative concepts are cultivated that can significantly influence the industrial sector.

Ideation is the heart of Frumecar’s innovative process, where new ideas with the potential to become practical and advantageous solutions are continuously generated.

This process, as can be logically assumed, is supported by a corporate culture that values the creation and exchange of divergent thoughts, and stimulates interdisciplinary collaboration to achieve innovations that break with the status quo.

Some time ago at Frumecar, no one was oblivious to the great tsunami AI is causing in the current landscape and the revolutionary nature of models that promise a new way of tackling work from now on. That is why at Frumecar we have been researching how these advances could help us in the optimization of our production processes and we have found many contexts that we sense will change in the not too distant future thanks to AI.

But there was one particular field where tools like ChatGPT have changed the game, adding a layer of depth and agility to the creative process without precedent.

Within the innovation department, we saw that in our ideation processes (with which we approach different projects), an immediate advantage was obtained (overcoming the previous learning curve logic), increasing creativity and the evaluation process of the brainstorming phases exponentially, thus saving a significant amount of time and energy.

Enrichment of Brainstorming.

AI and ChatGPT have broadened the spectrum of creative thinking at Frumecar, facilitating brainstorming sessions that integrate a diverse set of data and information, allowing the conception of ideas that go beyond the traditional limits of teams, providing a countless battery of initial ideas that allow us to significantly shorten the time with a wealth of possible solutions much greater.

Evaluative Help for Abstract Concepts.

Another aspect in which we at Frumecar have found a great advantage is in the quantitative and objective evaluation of a large volume of data, which require an objective appreciation, not so much as an end result, but as part of that same process, greatly facilitating the team’s work in the execution times of several phases.

Concept Modeling and Simulations.

The speed that ChatGPT brings to the modeling of product concepts and response to simulations allows Frumecar to quickly adapt and refine ideas in the early stages, leading to a more efficient product development and dynamic iteration based on real feedback.

Towards a Smarter and More Efficient Future.

Frumecar’s strategy underlines the importance of constant evolution and adaptation. By being at the forefront of technological innovation, the company continues working to consolidate its position as a sector leader, ensuring that its customers always receive the most advanced and effective solutions on the market.

And although Frumecar is already advancing in the application of these technological tools in its processes, it maintains a prudent and realistic approach to the capacity of these tools.

Knowing their enormous potential, it confirms that AI and tools like ChatGPT complement, as excellent allies, the creativity and processes that we suspect will for a long time need human intelligence, knowledge, and experience to guide their steps towards innovations that can be verified and beneficial for their clients and the industry.

The advancement of society and its evolution leads Frumecar to the conclusion that technology, and in particular those related to AI, will become increasingly essential to know and be able to use in the process of constantly improving and evolving in the search for greater efficiency for our clients and sustainability for our planet.

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