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Frumecar enters the British market with its concrete mixers.

by | Mar 12, 2024 | Concrete mixers, News | 0 comments

In a historic milestone for Frumecar, we are delighted to announce our recent expansion into the UK market, an initiative that not only broadens our global presence but also solidifies our position in an increasingly competitive construction industry.

This bold move is entirely aligned with our philosophy of innovation. Now, our prestigious concrete mixers are being assembled by Baylynx, a sector leader in volumetric trucks, at their British subsidiary.

The agreement, executed with the efficiency that characterizes Frumecar, has enabled the delivery of our advanced equipment within just four months.

This not only highlights the agility of our company, but also our capacity to meet tight deadlines while maintaining the quality standards that set us apart.

Frumecar’s concrete mixers stand out in the market for their robustness, cutting-edge technology, and unrivaled reliability, aspects that are widely recognized and valued across all our markets, including France and Sweden where we have already established a strong presence.

Our team of engineers and designers works tirelessly to innovate and offer equipment that not only meets the current needs of the market but also anticipates future trends and requirements.

Easing your work, our Frumecar truck-mounted concrete mixers offer a range of options to suit your specific needs. From different capacities and accessories to customizable components, we ensure optimal performance in every vehicle.

We have designed our concrete mixers with the aim of simplifying their use, improving ergonomics, facilitating cleaning tasks, and providing maximum comfort during operation.

Using components from leading global brands and proven quality finishes, our concrete mixers are manufactured to meet the highest demands and with minimal maintenance costs.

Our range of concrete mixers is designed to offer both operational and economic efficiency, incorporating everything from automated concrete loading and unloading systems to the latest technologies in telemetry and connectivity.

However, it is in durability and low maintenance where our concrete mixers truly excel, designed to withstand the long hours and challenging conditions that are common on construction sites. We complement this with exceptional customer service and after-sales support that ensures optimal performance at all times.

Baylynx, recognizing these qualities, has opted to incorporate our concrete mixers into their business model. The assembly process carried out at their facilities ensures that each piece of equipment complies with the standards and regulations of the British market without compromising the quality or performance of our products.

And what comes after the UK? Our vision leads us to explore new horizons, and the Portuguese market presents itself as a new frontier full of opportunities. We are preparing to bring our advanced technology and vast experience to a market that values innovation and efficiency.

At Frumecar, we take pride in being pioneers in our industry, offering not just concrete mixers, but comprehensive solutions that adapt to the diverse demands of our clients. Our foray into the UK market is a testament to our ongoing commitment to growth and establishing lasting relationships with our international partners and customers, thus projecting the excellence and quality of Spanish engineering worldwide.

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