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Frumecar is pleased to present its new automatic mobile presses for the manufacture of prefabricated parts.

by | Oct 30, 2023 | News | 0 comments

Frumecar, a leader in the concrete sector with more than 49 years of experience, presents its new line of products for the manufacture of precast concrete. This is a complete range of automatic mobile presses and accessories.

Frumecar Mobile Presses are robotic machines designed for the manufacture of high quality concrete pieces, built to produce a wide range of pieces with vertical release such as blocks, vaults, curbs, planters, paving stones, manholes up to 70cm high, gutters, ventilation ducts, wall blocks and greenhouse blocks.

Its technical features include the generation of pieces between 60 and 500 mm in height (optionally expandable up to 700 mm), the incorporation of Siemens automatons for the control of parameters and memorization of different production pieces, a concrete receiving hopper with hydraulic closure and lateral rotation for cleaning. As well as a set of four 3 kW vibrators with brakes in the mold and two 3 kW motor-vibrators with frequency converters in the press. It also has front all-wheel drive, supported by 5 Vulkollan wheels that allow precise maneuverability.

The Press operates on a metal tray designed to prevent the fracture of parts and the formation of burrs, its control panel allows operators to interact in a convenient and accessible manner during the operation of the mobile press.

In addition, the Frumecar Mobile Press can be complemented with three accessories. Molds for prefabricated parts (high-precision matrices for customized parts according to the client’s design specifications); TTH 500 concrete transport hopper (an ideal solution for efficient and safe loading with forklift); Hydraulic fork clamp (its design guarantees quick and safe loading and unloading of concrete pieces, which improves the productivity and efficiency of the process).

Frumecar Automatic Mobile Concrete Presses represent an effective and efficient option to improve production in prefabricated construction companies, offering a true multipurpose solution for the most demanding needs of the industry since they are capable of adapting to any concrete block production environment, with the guarantee of being highly profitable in the long term.

This launch integrates our established leadership in manufacturing, transportation and digital technology solutions for the concrete industry backed by our extensive experience in the industry and our commitment to quality and efficiency. If you want more information about this new range of products, you can visit our website or contact our sales department directly at +34 968 890 000

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