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Frumecar at the forefront of innovation: the digital twins.

by | Dec 15, 2021 | Innovation | 0 comments

Frumecar has been integrating digital twins into its service offer since 2018. This technology represents a great step in the integration of companies with concrete plants within the framework of Industry 4.0, by improving and facilitating their management, efficiency and productivity.

Digital twins hybridize the physical world of concrete batching plants – the one we know – with the virtual world. Digital twins (DT) – their English name – bring together big data, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of things (IoT), and put them at the service of the benefit of your project, in an integrated set of devices and applications that maximizes the efficiency of your concrete batching plant

 What are digital twins?

 The easiest way to explain what a digital twin is going to the flight simulator image. It is a system that reproduces through software the real operating conditions of the plant, and that helps the user to become familiar with all the processes and to use it in controlled situations, without affecting production.

 What is the usefulness of digital twins in a concrete batching plant?

 It works as an assistant who trains operators and new employees in the use of the concrete plant, thus accumulating experience without risk. At Frumecar, in fact, we use the digital twins to train the personnel who manage the plants.

Digital twins allow operations that cannot be done in the plant under normal working conditions, in an environment where this capacity is available. It is used as a test bed, to simulate certain malfunctions, for example, and it is also used to find solutions without the pressure of a normal production situation and to anticipate production scenarios.

In the digital twin, you can make tests and changes in the configuration and see if these tests result in real improvements. It saves the resources that would have to be spent if these tests were done with the real plant and the cost that it would have to stop or delay the production of the plant.

In addition, all the information on the operation of the plant can be transferred, its data analyzed, recovered and recreated in the virtual plant. It is possible to work with the data and the real parameters of the production, without interfering with the use of the physical concrete batching plant. Ideal for analyzing the production process in real time and generating reports.

The digital twin brings the concrete batching plant closer to the buyer.

At Frumecar all our concrete batching plants have their digital twin that simulates the real operation of a plant with this innovative system. If you want to buy a concrete batching plant, you can easily test it, virtually, and check that it suits your needs.

At Frumecar we always think of our clients, we are delighted to receive your questions, comments and suggestions. Do not hesitate, Contact Us.


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Frumecar: A New Way of Working. AI-Driven Ideation.

Frumecar: A New Way of Working. AI-Driven Ideation.

  News FrumecarIn the dynamic concrete industry market, Frumecar stands out for its ability to anticipate and meet the current and future needs of its clients, placing innovation at the core of its strategy and DNA as a beacon to achieve its objectives....