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Frumecar: new developments from the anti-corrosion laboratory.

by | Jul 22, 2021 | Innovation | 0 comments

Innovation has a technological dimension, but it is above all a way of understanding a company’s activities. At Frumecar we believe that innovation means anticipating the future: foreseeing and preparing for it. This is the spirit of both our innovation awards and the anti-corrosion laboratory.

In other posts, we talked about the anti-corrosion laboratory and electrostatic painting. However, we also have other projects in development that aim to improve our procedures.

We have recently implemented an automated system that mixes the paint more accurately. In the past, the components—catalyst, solvent and paint—were mixed by hand and we had to make a rough estimate of the amount needed.

With the new method, the mixture is produced as needed, thus reducing the consumption of paint since there are no longer any leftovers, which would usually be lost if they weren’t used, as they had been catalysed. This reduces paint sludge, resulting in a cleaner and more sustainable process.

The new mixing system also produces a higher quality paint, which increases the efficiency of the coating: more space is covered with the same amount of paint.

In coordination with this automatic mixing system and the aforementioned electrostatic painting, we have also set up a light tunnel to examine the quality of the coating. Once the pieces have been painted, they are placed in a booth and subjected to intense light to check the final paint finish (if there are any corners where the paint has not reached). This refines the quality of the painting and ensures that the coating reaches every area of the part.

Each and every component of our equipment—concrete plants, concrete mixers and recyclers—benefits from these procedures. They extend their productive life and minimise the wear and tear of parts.

Thanks to all these procedures, Frumecar offers components and machines that are built to last. We all benefit from this: our customers acquire higher quality instruments at a lower cost and society as a whole benefits from more efficient, cleaner and sustainable systems and products.


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