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“Frumecar Studios” a Frumecar initiative to support students who carry out innovation projects focused on cutting-edge technologies

by | Feb 18, 2022 | Innovation, News | 0 comments

Innovation is part of Frumecar’s DNA, it is the basis of our business development and it is our vocation. With this stimulus, we are helping the concrete sector in Spain to lead the productive transformation that the digital revolution, big data and industry 4.0 have driven in the last 15 years. However, we want to broaden our gaze to the future and to other applications.

Anticipating the needs of the industry is our commitment. For this, we have a line of applied research —Frumecar Next— that works to make the products and services that our customers will need in the future a reality.

Within this framework, collaboration with the university and professional training community has always been one of our priorities, highlighting among many other actions having our own University Chair in the Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena (UPCT-Frumecar)

Going deeper into this approach, we now present a new step forward in our relationship with students: Frumecar Studios.

What is Frumecar Studios?

 Frumecar Studios is a program whose mission is to help university and higher-level students who are starting their end-of-study projects, to carry out experimental projects based on new technologies and that help find solutions to the challenges of the industry.

Frumecar, from this program, will accompany students in their experimentation and research process, supporting them in all aspects of their work. Frumecar will also provide logistical and technological support to carry out the research, providing participants with access to cutting-edge equipment: latest-generation software, drones, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) applications and devices, etc.

Any student with advanced knowledge in new technologies can be part of our program, they just have to visit the website  and submit their application.


We present FRUMECAR STUDIOS, a new Frumecar program to support students to carry out research work based on new technologies.

If you know any student in their last years of university or higher degree who have advanced knowledge in new technologies and who want to carry out experimentation projects in these fields, contact us, we will provide human and technological support to carry it out and your project becomes reality.

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Frumecar: A New Way of Working. AI-Driven Ideation.

Frumecar: A New Way of Working. AI-Driven Ideation.

  News FrumecarIn the dynamic concrete industry market, Frumecar stands out for its ability to anticipate and meet the current and future needs of its clients, placing innovation at the core of its strategy and DNA as a beacon to achieve its objectives....