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Frumecar concrete mixers history.

by | Jun 17, 2021 | Concrete, Concrete mixers | 0 comments

In 1967, after the request of a local manufacturer, it appeared the need of developing a machine to mix marble powder, marble Stone, cement and water to obtain a mixture used for the manufacturing of terrazzo tiles. It was necessary to design a machine strong, but cheap at the same time.

The result was a circular mixer, with arms and paddles to mix the raw materials. Truck leaf springs were used to support the abrasion of the materials, while for the rotation they adapted the differential group from one Ford Canada (Canadian Military Pattern Truck), a vehicle used for the Commonwealth soldiers during the Second World War. It was necessary to modify and to cut one of the sides, as well as to weld the differential gears in order to separate one axle shaft. To couple the mixing arms they used the wheel hub.

To obtain the appropriate rotational speed for a homogenous mixing process, it was necessary to couple to the differential transmission a pulley operated by an electrical motor, getting a final speed of 28 rpm. This was the origin of RUMBO mixer.

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