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Our history


Did you know that “Concrete” comes from the Latin Concretus and means to grow together? The history of our civilization was built from concrete, since the times of the Greeks and the Romans. . The places in which we live and conduct business, infrastructures and installations stand firm thanks to concrete.

We have been growing for the past 40 years, together with the development of society and our customers. Our R&D Department unifies and harmonises the needs of a new type of global customer with technology, allowing us to become an international leader in technology for the concrete industry in only a few decades.

Leaders in concrete manufacturing and transport solutions

  • Hard work, pioneering vision and innovation

FRUMECAR’s history is the history of a small company that grew to lead the international market. A small family-run business that started in Murcia, its success based on hard work, a pioneering customer-centric approach and the determination to innovate as a competitive advantage and differentiation drive in a global market

  • Our products and services are designed to meet specific needs

We have reached this position in only a decade, as one of the leading companies in machinery and developer of the latest technologies for the concrete industry. This is proof of our capacity to overcome the obstacles of the market, of how we can innovate and of being efficient in what we do to offer new products and services to the market, which meet our customers’ needs and make it stand out from its competitors

  • Since 1970

Arising as a business project in 1970 in Murcia, FRUMECAR became what it is now after 1979, adopting a business approach based on a global customer service.

  • Europe and the world

For more than 49 years, we have been constantly expanding our range of products and solutions to meet the needs of the construction industry in Spain, Europe and different regions across the world

  • Leaders in innovation

FRUMECAR has consolidated its image as a leading company and international brand, in addition to offering solutions for the industrialisation of concrete batching plants, concrete recycling systems and concrete mixers, becoming a global leader in innovation thanks to our development of R&D projects in digital technologies, based on the new paradigms of the Industry 4.0 in the construction sector

  • Transforming the concrete industry

We wish to become the key player in the transformation of the concrete industry, while helping to build a better and more sustainable place to live.

We are proud of our origins as a family-run business at the service of people and the places in which we operate, building a better future using the resources within our reach and allowing our workers, customers, the communities and the countries in which we are based to grow with us

Some key facts and figures:

  • We offer our services in more than 70 countries across the world

Our official distributors are present in more than 40 countries and our services are available even in the most remote locations


  • More than 3,100 concrete batching plants

Running and providing their services. Many of them have been uninterrupted for more than 20 years, is there a greater guarantee?


  • More than 11,000 concrete mixers

Operating on the roads of different countries across the world


  • 9 product families

5 ready mix plant models, with central or wet way mixing systems

2 ranges of dosing or Dry mix plants

1 family of concrete mixers

1 family of concrete recyclers

Mobile asphalt recycling plant

Frumecar’s history explained on the front pages of its catalogues

A few milestones

Milestones that have marked our history and the history of concrete manufacturing.


1970: birth of Frumecar in a small family workshop

The fruits and Carrillo families come together to develop a concrete mixer from a bus engine Barreiros, is the embryo of a business project that comes to the present day.

1979: Transformation into a trading company, adopting its current name

After a few years as a family business and thanks to the commitment of its founders, Frumecar is transformed into a mercantile society. During this period, the services of maintenance and repair workshops are provided to its clients.

1982: New business approach, based on a growth strategy and a global customer service concept
  • New sales and customer service philosophy.
  • Optimisation of product quality.
  • Improvement of the different production processes.
  • Expansion into the markets of other regions.
  • Analysis and creation of new products and services.
  • Creation and consolidation of the company and brand image.
1988: Frumecar develops and starts to manufacture concrete batching plants

The first unit manufactured was sold to Hormigones los Ángeles. The Dry mix CC 5002 model installed in La Unión, Cartagena.

1992: Frumecar launches its line of concrete recycling systems

As a result of stricter legislative requirements and Frumecar’s commitment to the environment, the company launches its first line of concrete recycling systems on the market.

1994: First truck-mounted concrete mixer

Frumecar starts the production of its first truck-mounted concrete mixer. It was the first of the 11,000 units that have redefined the standards of quality in many markets and manufacturers.

1997: We move to Polígono Industrial Oeste (Murcia)

Frumecar’s business project continues to grow. We need more space for our production processes to respond to our customers’ needs quickly and effectively.

It is at this point that the company starts to grow and develop at a faster rate.

    1999: Expansion of our facilities

    20.000 m2 of facilities equipped with the most efficient production and organisational resources in the sector, built on a gross floor area of 45.000 m2.

      2000: ISO 9001 Quality certification

      In May 2000, the company is certified with the ISO 9001 certification, establishing that its products, services and processes meet all quality and quality management parameters set forth by the International Standardisation Organisation.

      2000: Frumecar develops its first SCADA control equipment for the concrete batching plants

      This unit features its own software and a proprietary hardware developed by the company.

      The SCADA is developed in collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Cartagena.

        2007: Frumecar attends its first international trade fair

        The company chose BAUMA (Munich), the most important global construction sector trade fair.

          2007: Sale of the first plant in the international market

          The EMA2000 model with a 80 m3/h production rate was installed in Ghana.

            2008: New design of the product catalogue, adapted to the international market

            Frumecar consolidates its international presence, basing the international expansion project on the pillars that have allowed it to become a national leader: product quality and a top-quality service.

            2009: Frumecar launches the ECA1000 plant on the market, the first model that does not require a crane for its assembly

            It is hoisted with the plant’s built-in hydraulic system. As of today, more than 150 units of this model have been sold across the world and it is the company’s most successful model.

            2011: Design of the first integrated plant for transport in a standard HC container.

            The first pre-assembled plant is created, designed for its transport in a standard container. . The plant is fully pre-installed at the factory, allowing its assembly and commissioning in a very short period of time.

            This concept is then transferred to the designs of all plants manufactured by Frumecar.

            2012: The new K2 Concrete Batching Plant Management System is launched on the market

            This system is based on our proprietary software over Siemens hardware, the most robust platform in the market.

            This development is the result of the trust and collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Cartagena.

              2016: Frumecar's international expansion process spans 4 continents

              At the start of the year, Frumecar was operating in 50 countries across the world, in which it has already installed its concrete manufacturing plants.

                2017: New production plant - Frumecar America

                This year, we opened Frumecar America, our new production plant in Mexico City, in which concrete mixers are manufactured and distributed to other Latin American markets.

                  2017: Inauguration of Frumecar Centre

                  Concrete mixer and concrete batching plant bodywork and repair workshop in Alcalá de Henares, Madrid.

                    2019: New Intelligent Systems business unit

                    New technologies and new services to our clients:

                    • Cloud Software.
                    • Telecare.
                    • Software sales and customer support through industry consultancy 4.0
                    • Sale of state-of-the-art equipment.

                      We can create extraordinary things