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Frumecar presents RealScale, a control system for ensuring that all components are weighed correctly in concrete preparations.

RealScale is a control tool incorporated into Frumecar’s concrete plants that ensures all preparations are weighed correctly in real time, while also detecting failures in the equipment’s load cells and notifying accordingly. The system uses Frumecar’s exclusive software, which works in coordination with a Siemens component to continually monitor the system.

This innovative feature helps the concrete manufacturer to avoid any formulation issues during manufacture Frumecar’s K2 system detects any anomalies (actual amount of cement in the concrete, a fault in a component, etc.) and then triggers an alarm and provides a realtime diagnosis, thus avoiding any serious problems that can occur if there is an undetected weighing failure (concrete resistance failures, inconsistency of formulations, etc.). Frumecar RealScale thus gives concrete manufacturers peace of mind, providing them with a real-time diagnosis of what is happening in their production at all times.

The technical characteristics of the Frumecar RealScale system provide multiple advantages: individual analysis of each cell, alarm status monitoring integrated into the K2 system, connection from summation box to the K2 weighing module by communication, faster responses in weighing, simplification of cell verification (multimeter no longer required), quick initial diagnosis via LEDs in summation box, cable break alarm, impedance measurement (change in load cell resistance), under- and overload monitoring, current load of each cell (midpoint calculation possible).
This safety upgrade from Frumecar is incorporated into all versions of its K2 software from 2020 onwards and can be installed in previous plants by updating the software and incorporating the required sensors and control PLCs.

Innovation has always been a part of Frumecar’s DNA, as they continue to provide digital and high-tech solutions for the concrete sector. The Frumecar Real Scale system is just another example to show that the company is at the forefront of production and transport innovation in the concrete industry and that cooperation with top-tier suppliers, such as Siemens, is a fundamental part of its policy to develop high-quality products and services focused on providing technological solutions for the day-to-day work of concrete professionals.

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