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Spare parts

A machine that is not running is a waste of production time. And a waste of production time is a waste of money. In the construction industry, success depends on the health and production capacity of your equipment. To this end, FRUMECAR is committed to serving top-quality spare parts and supplies or to performing repairs within the shortest possible time.
The capacity to supply original spare parts or the parts of our technology partners is of vital importance to guarantee that your equipment runs like the first day. Therefore, we have developed a logistics system that can supply the parts you need within the shortest possible time, thanks to our distributor network.

Our storage policy and inventory of spare parts guarantees that 100% of the parts subject to wear and over 90% of all other parts will be available and delivered within the shortest possible time. The expertise of our team of professionals will help you find the parts you need, reducing downtime and its associated costs.


An original spare part lengthens the useful life of your equipment. Always trust in Frumecar’s original parts.

Full kits

Having a full spare parts kit at your facilities will save you time and money. Order one from us.

Direct service

You can request your spare parts here, we will contact your distributor.

Assistance programmes

The preventive maintenance programmes will guarantee the long useful life of your equipment.


Where can I find spare parts for my equipment?

Please contact your distributor for more information about spare parts. Your distributor will provide you with the information and find the spare parts you need. If the equipment is installed in a country with no Frumecar distributor, please contact us, either by calling or completing the form found on this page.

How long does it take to receive a spare part?

The delivery time varies in each country. Our commitment is to ensure that you receive any spare part you need within the shortest possible time.

We always recommend having a spare parts kit available at your facilities to prevent delays.

What type of warranty covers the spare parts?

Spare parts are covered by Frumecar’s warranty. We only supply original spare parts.

Does FRUMECAR install the spare parts?

Only if you ask us to do so, although this is not necessary in most cases. Your qualified technicians can replace them using your own equipment.

How do I order spare parts?

You can contact your distributor, who will supply the spare parts to you. If you prefer, you can call us or complete the form and we will find the spare parts for you.

What happens if you do not have the part in stock after I order it?

We have all parts in stock and our suppliers are leading companies with a permanent stock of spare parts. Please bear in mind the delays associated with shipping to your country in the case of specific parts.

Request your spare parts here

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