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The high-tech Dry mix concrete plant with maximum production capacity.


Highlighted benefits

  • Modular aggregate group with built-in loading ramp panels.
  • Folding design for transport inside containers.
  • Fully pre-installed at the factory, reducing the assembly times.
  • Equipped with control cab and computer management system.
  • Combines robustness and reliability with ease of use and versatility.
  • The entire plant (excluding the silos) is transported in two 40´ high-cube containers.

Main characteristics

  • Dosing cycles 3 m3.
  • Modular compact hopper group. Capacity 60‐120 m3.
  • Aggregates dosed with 3 m3 weighing conveyor.
  • Scales for cement, with a 1.500 kg weighing capacity.
  • Water dosing assembly with meter. Optional water scale.
  • Water installation, equipped with a 4 kW supply pump and pressure regulation system.
  • Pneumatic installation equipped with a 4 kw compressor.
  • Surface required for the installation of the plant 250 m2

As far as you want to go…

All the Frumecar batching plants have many accessories to customize the equipment according to your needs.

Request for optional list to your distributor or contact us directly & increase the capacity of your machine as far as you want to go. 

Basic production complements

  • Silo for cement storage
  • Cartridge-type filter for cement
  • Screw conveyour for cement WAM with SIEMENS motor
  • Filling system for cement silos with SIEMENS motor
  • Automatic feeding system for aggregates
  • Aggregates moisture HIDRONIX sensor
  • Mixer moisture HIDRONIX sensor
  • Admixtures dosing system
  • Admixtures weighing system
  • Water scale


MODULDRY 3000 concrete plant

Characteristics Values
Production capacity .(m3/ h) 120
Aggregates hoppers 4-5
Aggregates capacity (m3) 60-120
Cement Silos 1-4
Screw conveyor (mm) 273
Capacity per batch (m3) 3
Control cabin Included
Total power (Kw) 75
Absorbed power (Kw) 47
Total length 2 x 40´ HC
High 2 x 40´ HC
Width 2 x 40´ HC
Weight 1 x 18.000 Kg
1 x 10.000 Kg

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