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Frumecar renews the ISO 9001:2015 certificate until 2024: the success of the quality culture brought to concrete batching plants

by | Sep 24, 2021 | News | 0 comments

Among its differential values, Frumecar includes the constant search for quality, the vocation of customer service, the will to improve and the desire to innovate. Frumecar aspires to be a model of excellence in concrete batching plants, concrete mixer trucks, and all the associated added-value services.

Our project was born from an idea, from a shared vision. In our case, that vision has always been to form a community around concrete with our employees, customers and suppliers that seeks the common good, based on relationships of trust, honesty and transparency.

It is therefore important that our activity is verified by external and transparent bodies, that ratify that our values are in line with the way we operate. This is one of the main values of the ISO 9001 seal.

Quality starts with the application of quality methods and processes

The ISO 9001 standard approaches management and control systems in the same way as risk management and prevention systems. Its reference is the ISO 31000 standard. The purpose is to forge a climate of trust and user satisfaction. To establish a working system based on prevention and improvement.

The quality principles around which ISO 9001 revolves are customer orientation, leadership, participation, willingness to improve, and a process-based approach.

The processes within the organisation, in order to comply with the quality standards, must conform to the PDCA structure: Plan, Do, Check and Act. Under this action matrix, the specific chapters of the standard (from 4 to 10) are subdivided as shown in the following diagram.

Based on the items in this template, the implementation of processes within the company based on planning, checking, measuring and regular evaluation is assessed. As a result, quality ceases to be an intuitive concept and becomes a commitment: a way of being and acting.

The certificate recognises our work and gives us a competitive advantage in the market

Certifications must be issued by ISO-recognised consulting firms. In our case, it was issued by Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS), a multinational corporation based in Switzerland.

An ISO seal gives a comparative benefit to the companies that obtain it, as it guarantees work standards and compliance with all the agents involved, from shareholders, to employees, to the end customer:  a mark of quality. In addition, it facilitates market positioning among companies that operate under reliable and transparent mechanisms. A company with recognised quality will always be the preferred hire over a company that does not have certifications such as those from the ISO.

Therefore, the ISO 9001:2015 seal reaffirms our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, and drives and motivates us to always keep in mind the values and goals we have given ourselves. It confirms that we are heading in the right direction, and that our efforts to improve and innovate are a reality.

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