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Do you know what concrete Dry Mix plants are?

by | Jul 22, 2021 | Concrete, Concrete Plants | 0 comments

You will have often heard or read about concrete Dry Mix plants. Like all technical terminology, it can be obscure and confusing, even for people working in the industry. Here we will explain what we mean when we talk about concrete Dry Mix plants.

The first thing to say is what a concrete plant is: it is a facility where concrete is manufactured from its ingredients: aggregates – gravel or sand -, cement and water (plus other optional ingredients known as additives).

The plant is the place where those ingredients are transported, stored, dosed – i.e. dispensed in the proportionate amounts required by the formula for the type of concrete to be manufactured -, and mixed.

However, not all plants mix in the same way. Some do it in mixing machines that are part of the plant; others load the dosed ingredients into concrete mixer trucks in which the concrete is mixed on the way to the construction site.

The first type are called concrete wet batching plants or wet mix plants. The other type are called dosing plants or dry mix plants.

 Dry mix plants are usually less complicated because there is no mixing machine.

The choice of dry mix plant is constrained by legal issues – local and national laws – and compliance with the requirements of some works or projects – mainly public works, major infrastructure and technically very demanding works like bridges and skyscrapers – that require the concrete to be pre-mixed before being poured into the concrete mixer.

Dry mix plants are also not suitable for the production of concrete for use in the manufacture of precast concrete components.

Concrete dosing plants can be fixed structures or mobile plants or site plants, that require less infrastructure.

Depending on the available space and services, they can be:

  • Vertical plants. In these plants, the aggregates and cement are held at the highest part of the plant and dosing is gravity assisted.
  • Horizontal plants. The ingredients are held at ground level and transported to the concrete mixer by conveyor belts or augers.

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