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Powerful, reliable and easy to maintain. As simple as that.


Making your work easy

Frumecar’s truck-mounted concrete mixers offer different options, according to your needs. Different capacities, accessories and components to personalise each vehicle, guaranteeing it is always in perfect working order to achieve the optimum performance.

You can choose from compact structures, maximum manoeuvrability and reduced weight of the unit, to models that can be used to transport larger volumes of concrete efficiently and safely.

Easy to use

We have developed our concrete mixers with the purpose of making your life easier, improving ergonomics, making it easier to clean them and greatly increasing comfort during operation.

Cutting-edge technology inside our concrete mixers

All of our concrete mixers have been manufactured using the components of leading brands and top-quality finishes, with the purpose of meeting the highest standards at the minimum maintenance cost.

CONCRETE MIXER product range


Meeting your needs in all areas

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