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FAMILIA modulmix

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High-performance features and high production capacity

Designed with modularity in mind, the MODULMIX range of plants offers a comprehensive solution to manufacture any type of concrete, in addition to achieving high production rates.

The plant is structured into two different areas: the modular storage and aggregate dosing assembly and the mixing or loading area assembly; both can be configured according to your production needs.

Special concrete

Its sophisticated production system allows the creation of complex mixture ratios with many different components and admixtures, dosed with the utmost accuracy.

Fixed plants that move.

They combine robustness, reliability and high-performance features, with very simple transport and assembly processes. The only fixed plant that can be easily moved.
The concrete batching plants designed for the most demanding customers.

Concrete production at large construction sites

For large projects with complex requirements and large-scale production needs.

High-capacity concrete manufacturing plants

High-capacity and robust plants, prepared to work non-stop.

Ultra-resistant concrete manufacturing plants

Precision configurations for special types of concrete, with all the accessories you need.

Prepared for anything you need

Airports, bridges, high-speed rail lines, large-scale civil works, high-rotation concrete manufacturing plants; projects in which your MODULMIX plant will provide you with anything you need in a problem-free environment.
  • Up to 8 aggregate hoppers
  • Up to 4 concrete silos
  • Meter or scale-based admixtures systems
  • Double horizontal axle concrete mixer
  • Precision scales
  • Advanced production and management software
  • Air-conditioned control cab
MODULMIX FAMILY product range

You set the limit; your plant will be ready.


80 m³/ h
Aggregates capacity: 60 – 120 m³


120 m³/ h
Aggregates capacity: 60 – 120 m³


150 m³/ h
Aggregates capacity: 80 – 120 m³


80 m³/ h
Aggregates capacity: 60 – 120 m³


120 m³/ h
Aggregates capacity: 60 – 120 m³
The MODULMIX family in images

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