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answers for the specific cases.

Customized solutions for your special needs.


Top performance with the minimum weight

All Frumecar concrete mixer models are offered in lightened versions, designed with state-of-the-art materials, such as SAAB’s HARDOX steel, a top-quality material that achieves the highest possible resistance with a minimum thickness.

All other components that can be replaced to reduce the weight are replaced, but ensuring the capacity of the concrete mixer is not altered (aluminium water tanks, plastic mudguards, fibre chutes, …)

The result is a light concrete mixer with top performance features.


Optimised to adapt to the strictest regulations

The use of light materials allows us to adapt our concrete mixers and comply with the legislation of different countries in which this factor can lead to higher tax burdens or obstacles for the operation of the vehicle on public streets and roads.

Light, but not fragile

We reduce the weight of our concrete mixers by replacing the current materials with lighter materials of the same resistance. They weigh less, but are equally hard.



Are your needs out of the ordinary? We have the concrete mixer you need.

Please contact us if your business or project requires a concrete mixer with a special design, capacity or vehicle. Our design department will work to find the solution that best suits your needs.

  • Compact concrete mixers
  • Concrete mixers for special formats
  • Barge-mounted concrete mixers
  • Tailored designs

Request a quote now or contact us for more information about personalised configurations.

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