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FH 12S

12 (13) m3 - 2-3 axles

FH 12S

Highlighted benefits

  • Steel water tank, pressurised to 4 bar (optional stainless steel and aluminium).
  • Plate roller guard.
  • Plastic mudguards, in compliance with the current regulations (optional aluminium and steel).
  • Two factory-installed fire extinguishers.
  • Second water connection included in all models.
  • Ladder with skidproof surface. Wide platform to facilitate maintenance, cleaning and easy access, thanks to its folding section.
  • Safety lock in the rotating chute.
  • Rotating and folding chute, with factory-installed anti-wear lining to improve the preservation of the unit and facilitate repairs.

Personalise your concrete mixer to ensure it best suits your needs

We offer a wide range of accessories that provide additional performance features for your concrete mixer, with the purpose of adapting it to your specific needs.

Production accessories

To guarantee the highest possible efficiency levels and reduce costs, as well as to lengthen the useful life of the machine.

Safety accessories

Accessories designed to improve the safety levels for the operator and his environment during the full operating cycle of the machine, including movement, loading, unloading and maintenance operations.


  • Chutes elevation by hydraulic spindle
  • Steel water tank (400l., 625l. 770l.)
  • Aluminium mudguards
  • Drum block security system


  • Security system in folding chute
  • Antiroll system
  • Anti-concrete leak rubber protection
  • Loading Hopper with steel cover
  • Polythene folding chute
  • Steel chassis cover
  • Colums cover in steel
  • Blocking chute
  • Extension mudguard to chassis
  • Tow ring
  • Toolbox
  • Customer colors paint


Frumecar FH12S concrete mixer

Characteristics Values
Nominal volume (m3 ) 12 (13)
Water line (m3 ) 12,18
Geometric volume (m3 ) 18,71
Pitch 11
Effective capacity (%) 64
Drum Speed (r.p.m.) 0/14
Power takeoff vehicle (Kw)
Auxiliary motor power(Kw) 130 / 100
Water tank capacity (Lts) 770
Water tank presure (Bar) 4
Weight (2 axles / 3 axles) (Kg)

2 axles w/motor -> 9.350 kg.
2 axles n/motor -> 7.850 kg.

3 axles w/motor -> 10.200 kg.
3 axles n/motor -> 8.700 kg.

Weight (2 axles / 3 axles) (Kg)

2 axles w/motor -> 8.700 kg.
2 axles n/motor -> 7.200 kg.

3 axles w/motor -> 9.550 kg.
3 axles n/motor -> 8.050 kg.


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