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ecotrom 20

Versatile and efficient.


With a very similar design and operation to a concrete mixer’s drum.

The cleaning spiral screw is welded inside the drum, which turns as the drum rotates. The cement and water particles are separated from all other waste materials when they are shifted and come into contact with water.

There are a series of enclosures on the last section of the spiral, which shift the washed aggregates up and deposit them on the outlet tray.

The unit features a vibrating outlet tray that helps recover the aggregate, using less water than other systems (it is placed at the drum discharge position and it is inserted into its body)

Highlighted benefits

  • Available with 1 or 2 agitators for waste water tanks.
  • Optional second shower to wash two trucks at the same time.

Main characteristics

  • Concrete recycling capacity 20 m3/hour.
  • Washing of up to two trucks at the same time.
  • Washing machine length 7.690 mm.
  • Washing spiral diameter 2.189 mm.
  • Spiral drive power 2×3 kw.
  • Agitators for water tanks. Power 5,5 kw.
  • Triple pumping system.
  • Input regulation pneumatic system.
  • Aggregate grading, up to 40 mm.



Characteristics Values
Production capacity (m3/ h) 20
Spirale Cuba (Ø mm) 2.190
Spirale Sinfín (Ø mm)
Separator Cut (mm) 0,25
Scoop Wheel Powert (Kw) 2×3
Auger Screw Power (Kw)
Stirrers (Kw) 1-2 x 5,5
Cleaning Showers 1-2
Pump to Water Scales (Kw) 5,5
Pump to Truck Cleaning (Kw) 2,2
Intake Hopper Pump (Kw) 2,2
Maximum Granulometry (mm) 40
Length (mm) 7.682
Height 2.746
Width 2.398

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