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Profitable from start to end.

Concret Family

Automation and operational capacity, anywhere you need it

Thanks to their carefully-studied designed, the compact plants of the CONCRET family offer the customer the optimum solution to each production requirement and with minimal logistics costs; this makes CONCRET the perfect range of plants that can be installed anywhere across the world.

Small and easy to transport does not mean low-capacity; the CONCRET family offers you Frumecar’s technology and high production rates of up to 120 m3/h.


High-performance features in compact dimensions

A compact plant with the minimum dimensions and the features of a large-scale concrete batching plant

Minimal logistics costs

Fully pre-installed at the factory, with instantaneous commissioning. It is transported in a single 40’ HQ container and requires no foundation work.

Dry mix plants to meet your needs.

On-site concrete production

The best solution to produce concrete on-site, thanks to their ease of use and compact dimensions.

Concrete production plants for sale

The productivity rates and ease of use of CONCRET family plants makes them the optimum solution to produce concrete for sale.

Assembly in complex locations

The CONCRET plants are the perfect solution for scenarios in which the concrete batching plant cannot be easily placed at the construction site, thanks to their dimensions and ease of logistics.

All the technology you need in compact dimensions

Small but powerful plants, equipped with cutting-edge technology, the perfect solution to produce concrete in complex areas and small spaces.


  • Fully pre-installed at the factory
  • No foundation work required
  • Equipped with a control cab and computer management system
  • Transported in a single 40’ HQ container
  • High production rates with Dry mix systems


  • Eccentric vibrator and strain gauges
  • Optional sand humidity measuring probe
  • Optional dosing system for two admixtures
  • Centralised lubrication system
  • Water and compressor installation

CONCRET FAMILY product range

Modularity to take your business where you need.


60 m³/ h
Aggregates capacity: 25 – 40 m³


85 m³/ h
Aggregates capacity: 25 – 40 m³


60 m³/ h
Aggregates capacity: 25 m³


120 m³/ h
Aggregates capacity: 40 – 60 m³

The CONCRET family in images

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