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concrete, innovation and people.

Our Vocation


FRUMECAR is constantly motivated to drive the growth of the industrial sector. It is for this reason that we are constantly striving to be at the forefront of manufacturing machinery developments for the concrete industry; our core, our raison d’être.


Vocation and need, which are also a reflection of society’s current needs:

  • Demand for higher capacity and flexibility to take on new construction projects
  • Need to re-design our products to increase the viability of projects rolled out abroad
  • Demand for higher end product quality and adaptation to the environmental characteristics of each destination
  • Need to raise awareness about the environment as an asset that must be protected and preserved.

About us

“If you ask me about the key factors that have helped us become an international leader of the concrete manufacturing and transport industry, these have to be teamwork and the trust of our customers. We have formed a team of talented, expert staff, who are committed to a common project and who have the experience and training required to ensure our daily work is conducted using the latest technologies and following the latest trends. In addition, service vocation being one of the elements that has characterised us since the company was created, has allowed us to earn our customers’ trust, which is quite a feat in such competitive times, in which innovation has been the cornerstone that has allowed us to discover what our customers truly need”.

Francisco Frutos Franco, Chairman of Frumecar.

“Doing our very best at the service of what we believe in. This is what I and our company’s staff understand to be a service vocation. And this is also the reason I am proud of and thank all of Frumecar’s staff. Meeting our customers’ requirements and showing our willingness and capacity to resolve day-to-day problems requires a corporate culture and work atmosphere in which we must also help and support each other, in addition to showing a firm commitment to what we do”.

Mariano Carrillo Frutos. Managing Director and CFO.

“We are facing a new era in the production industry: the Smart Industry.

The digitalisation of production processes at factories and the new information systems based on Big Data are transforming how products are manufactured and how we interact with customers. One of the biggest challenges of our sector is to adapt to these changes and Frumecar is at the forefront to help its customers during this transformation process”.

Our identity

Quality, commitment to the customer and constant innovation

We are your trusted expert partner in the manufacturing and transport of concrete. Our specialisation, constant value and service will help you make your business more profitable.

We are the present

We focus

On people and solutions, not on machines. On our customers. We want to become your trusted partner, not simply another provider. We want to build solid relationships, based on trust, and we innovate beyond your expectations to achieve this.

We are prepared

To face the new challenges of our customers. Because we are passionate about the latest trends and technological developments. We are open minded to lead the digital transformation process in our organisation and implement the changes needed to work in connected environments, to the benefit of our customers.

We speak your language

The same language, regardless of commercial pressures. We keep our promises.

We grow with our customers

Nationally and abroad. We work hand-in-hand with all of your projects and in your international expansion into other markets.

We optimise our production

All of our production processes are optimised, integrated and automated, with the purpose of being more cost-effective and to build top-level solutions for our customers.

We are the future

We are committed to designing future-proof solutions

We guarantee the long-term investments of our customers, thanks to our high quality standards, our solid financial base and our constant effort to innovate.

Our production process is reliable and sustainable

We manufacture machinery that can cope with the toughest test: the future. Machines built with state-of-the-art technology and components.

What makes us different

  • Constant search for quality
  • Our service vocation
  • An experience of over 40 years
  • Our approach is based on honesty and dependability
  • Our drive to improve and desire for constant improvement
  • A true vocation to innovate
  • The experience of our professionals

We can create extraordinary things