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Frumeblock: make your surplus concrete profitable in a convenient, practical, and simple way.

by | Jun 25, 2021 | Concrete, Concrete mixers, Concrete Plants | 0 comments

Every concrete producer knows that there is always a persistent problem: part of it is not used. The most common reason for this is the surplus left in the concrete mixers after transport.

We are talking about a continuous flow, which at the end of the year means a large amount of concrete. It is also an added expense, as current regulations on waste treatment are very strict, and demand more control.

Frumecar has a solution for the concrete left over from its production: Frumeblock.

Frumeblock are moulds made to produce concrete blocks quickly and easily.

This turns a cost into a business opportunity. They can be sold as parts for temporary buildings, for example. They are easy to stack and can be assembled without the need for cement.

Frumeblock blocks are modular pieces that look like logo pieces. The plugs at the top and the holes in the base fit together perfectly. With this simple system, you can build firm and durable structures: retaining walls, dividing walls, annexes, warehouses, etc.

The blocks are very easy to manufacture. You only need to place the mould on a flat surface, add oil to make the extraction easier and pour the concrete. The concrete must be shaken inside the mould to ensure that the mix is compact and homogeneous. Finally, you smooth it with a trowel and left to dry.

Curing time depends on the environmental conditions – temperature and humidity – and the type of concrete used.

You can see how to use the mould at this link. You will see how easy and simple it is to produce a concrete block.

We have two moulds (A and B), which can be used to produce 5 blocks of different dimensions.

Frumeblock is your solution for surplus concrete. Frumecar always offers innovative and comprehensive solutions to make your concrete production efficient and clean.

Also keep in mind that to use your leftover concrete, you need to have control systems to make it an efficient task. If you like to know more about our products and our control systems, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be pleased to help you

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