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Frumecar organizes a contest among its employees to reward their best innovative ideas.

by | May 25, 2021 | News, People | 0 comments

At Frumecar we have decided to hold a contest every three months to reward the best innovative ideas of our employees. Because we firmly believe that people are our most valuable capital.We have a team of high-level professionals who are committed to our values and our project, a group of people who always go the extra mile. Thanks to them we can offer the solutions and services that our clients need.

Innovation is in our DNA, and that is why R&D&I is the main gear of our value proposition. Based on this concept, we have set up this contest, which encourages the generation of ideas, making each individual assume as his own the task of creating and acquiring new perspectives and knowledge, to transfer them to the concrete industry.

In the first quarter, 119 R&D innovative ideas were submitted from 8 departments. It is the commitment and enthusiasm of our professionals that really drive our innovation contest.

Frumecar we are very satisfied with the high level of participation and the implication of our extraordinary team, thank you all !!!!

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