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Frumecar, distribution agreement in the United States.

by | May 11, 2019 | Collaborations, Concrete Plants, Distributor, News | 0 comments

The Spanish company Frumecar, achieved a distribution agreement with one of the main groups of the concrete industry in the United States, the group is the manufacturer CEMCO, which has been facilitating and enabling the development of this industry in North America and Canada for over 59 years.

The products of Frumecar products will be sold through CEMCO in the U.S, this agreement that is already underway will mean the Murcian multinational a significant advance and increase in its policy of global expansion, having access to markets with high growth expectations and of great demand.

In fact, the first unit that will be sold on American soil through CEMCO has already been launched, it is the Moduldry-4000 concrete batching plant, which is the most effective & simple combination of Frumecar´s products designed to obtain a simple concrete dosing plant but at the same time equipped with state of the art technology for a better performance. It is the ideal plant for “Dry mix” stationary works due to its easy installation and portability. Configurable according to the needs of each client, with the simplest and most efficient combination of our products. At the same pace as with the highest performance and the latest technical advances.

For the Spanish multinational is a new challenge that faces with great enthusiasm and with the commitment that has always characterized it, offering the best product linked to the best service, which has been highly valued by the American

CEMCO, which from the beginning saw Frumecar as the best candidate to achieve a collaboration agreement to join forces. All this, full of pride to the Murcian company, being one step more, in a global market increasingly competitive and demanding, in whichFrumecar is constantly growing, implementing the greatest technical advances in research, development and innovation in the industry of concrete.

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