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SECURDATA, a Backup service.

by | Nov 28, 2018 | Innovation, Intelligent Systems, K2 System | 0 comments

Frumecar puts at the service of the concrete manufacturers Securdata, an automatic backup service that guarantees the security of the same.

The operation of a concrete plant is more and more dependent on data management. There is no doubt that new technologies make it easier for us to manage our daily life. But what would happen if we lost our operational data? Most companies are not prepared for this type of incident.

There are many factors that can lead to this loss of data: failures in the equipment (failures in the hard disks, blockades…), external incidents (thefts, over tensions, mice, sabotages…), computer attacks (virus, malwares harmful, Ransonware …), accidental deletion of data and files.

This can cause serious economic and time damage: loss of total or partial plant operation, economic losses due to operational delays, loss of information costs and recovery attempts, irreversible loss of data history …

Apart from the risk that all this implies, the management of the backups in an autonomous way also causes important costs for the company, and increases the probabilities of error being a complex and routine work.

SecurData de Frumecar

Now, the Spanish multinational Frumecar offers concrete producers a simple and economical solution that solves this important Problem: Frumecar SecurData, a complete automatic backup service that includes Personalized monitoring, guarantee of restoration and start-up in case of incidence.

What Frumecar SecurData offers

  • Secure and continuous protection of operational data
  • Daily copies with automated backup.
  • Efficiency and reliability, with guarantee of restoration.
  • Easy recovery, restoration in less than 24 hours.
  • Professional technical support, carried out by specialists of the sector.
  • Management of tools and supervision of the backups made by Frumecartechnicians.
  • Valid with any process software that uses your plants.

With this new service Frumecar customers are confident that if something fails in their plant, it will work again within 24 hours without having to take care of anything.

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