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Ema Family

The modular plant that best suits your needs.

Ema family

High-performance features with the most compact dimensions.

The EMA family of concrete batching plants with concrete mixer is based on a modular manufacturing concept that achieves highly flexible configurations and production capacities in very compact dimensions, thanks to the use of the skip. These are designed for easy installation and quick commissioning.

All models feature Frumecar’s cutting-edge technology, with the highest possible degree of automation, achieving the capacity of much larger plants in much more compact dimensions.

Wide range of production rates

The wide range of models cover production rates ranging from 30 m3/h to 100 m3/h

Compact design

Minimum space required at the site (transported in a single 40º HC container for models 500 and 1000, and up to a maximum of 3 containers for model 2500). The use of the skip to lift aggregates reduces the surface area required for the operation of the plant.

Multi-functional and high-performance concrete batching plants.

On-site concrete production

The best solution to produce mixed concrete on-site, thanks to their ease of use and compact dimensions.

Production of precast products

The perfect plant to manufacture precast products, thanks to the options offered by its modular configuration.

Concrete production plants for sale

The productivity rates and ease of use of EMA family plants makes them the optimum solution to produce concrete for sale.

Everything you need in very compact dimensions

The EMA family’s versatility has been achieved thanks to its modular manufacturing system. You can configure a personalised plant with high-performance features and capacities.


  • Aggregate lifting skip
  • Pan mixer, planetary gear or double horizontal axle mixers, according to the model
  • Eccentric vibrator and strain gauges
  • Optional sand humidity measuring probe
  • Water installation assembly
  • Air-conditioned control cab

EMA FAMILY product range

Wide range of applications for intermediate and high production rates.

EMA 500

30 m³/ h
Aggregates capacity: 20 – 40 m³

EMA 1000 TRH

50 m³/ h
Aggregates capacity: 25 – 40 m³

EMA 2500

100 m³/ h
Aggregates capacity: 60 – 120 m³

EMA 1000 PT

50 m³/ h
Aggregates capacity: 20 – 40 m³

EMA 2000

80 m³/ h
Aggregates capacity: 40 – 60 m³

The EMA family in images

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