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Take your business to the other end of the world.
Eca family

The production rates you need, anywhere you need them

The ECA concrete batching plant family is the perfect solution for customers that need operational flexibility and constant changes in production locations.

It has been designed with full assembly simplicity in mind, from 1 to 3 days, depending on the model, as well as for ease of transport. In addition, it is delivered after it has been fully pre-installed and tested at the factory, meaning it can be immediately commissioned at the customer’s facilities.


It is transported with a tractor unit (plus an HC40 container in the case of models 2000 and 3000) and assembled with no need for civil works. Maximum profitability in terms of transport and installation.


It is hoisted with the plant’s built-in hydraulic system, meaning the assembly and commissioning process is incredibly simple. You only need to use small cranes for auxiliary tasks.

The perfect concrete batching plants for maximum mobility scenarios.

On-site concrete production

If your plants are required at construction sites, the ECA family will allow you to transport them easily to new sites after the end of each project.

Easy to assemble in places that are hard to reach

The plants of the ECA family are self-assembling plants that do not require the use of cranes. They can be installed anywhere you need them; no complications whatsoever.

A plant that can travel

The plant needs to be moved in special construction projects, such as road or large-scale urban infrastructure building projects. Therefore, the use of concrete mixer trucks is minimised.

Minimising the cost of transport

Mines, construction sites, road building and railway line work, remote locations or places that are hard to access. The natural habitat of the plants of the ECA family; concrete mixer plants designed to go wherever your business needs them.

Frumecar’s ECA concrete batching plant features the quality and cutting-edge technology of the company’s equipment and are fully automated.

Despite its compact dimensions, our ECA family plants offer a huge production capacity.

30 to 120 m³/h.

The ECA plant family features the elements required to install them with the transport assembly, including the operator cab.

ECA FAMILY product range

Wide range of production capacities, with maximum mobility.

ECA 500

30 m³/ h
Aggregates capacity: 20 – 40 m³

ECA 1700

70 m³/ h
Aggregates capacity: 20 – 40 m³

ECA 3000

120 m³/ h
Aggregates capacity: 60 – 120 m³

ECA 1000

50 m³/ h
Aggregates capacity: 20 – 40 m³

ECA 2000

80 m³/ h
Aggregates capacity: 60 – 120 m³

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