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Gamification applied to the concrete sector.

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Frumecar Studios  has opted for gamification in one of its projects, presenting the Concrete Tycoon game, developed by Javier Pérez López and Carlos Romero Villarrazo from the Escuela Superior Internacional de Diseño de Murcia. 

In this game, the user learns while having fun working in a concrete plant, facing everyday problems that arise on a day-to-day basis.

In the game, you must obtain materials to manufacture, serve your customers correctly, obtain new concrete formulas that allow you to improve your business, standing out from your competition, and manage your own purchasing and commercial staff.

In short, addressing the different challenges, problems and possible solutions of a concrete plant through the techniques that interactive games allow, helping to visualize in a clear and playful way the day-to-day life of a plant operator.

The game will be available on mobile platforms and there is already a beta version via the web:

Mobile platforms