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Add-ons that take your mobile block making machine to another level.

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Molds for Precast

High-precision molds for our automatic mobile presses. Our product range includes molds for the production of blocks, hourdi blocks, curbs, pavestones, as well as specialized and customizable components in accordance with design specifications provided by the client.

Concret transport hoper TTH 500

The TTH 500 concrete transport hoper is used for loading the Mobile Block Making Machine Frumecar with a forklift.

Highlighted benefits

  • It is made of steel plate and tube.
  • Closing gate opening has mechanicals stops to discharge the concrete in a controlled and safe manner.

Main characteristics

  • Total dimensions of the hopper are 1,215 mm in length, 1,500 mm in width, and 1,140 mm in height.
  • Empty weight of 270 kg.
  • Loading volume of 500 liters.

Hydraulic Fork Clamp

The Hydraulic Fork Clamp is a tool specially designed for the palletization of concrete elements, which easily attaches to any 2,500 kg forklifts.

Its efficient and robust design ensures quick and safe loading and unloading of concrete elements, resulting in a significant improvement in productivity and efficiency.

Highlighted benefits

  • Easy to attach to any 2,500 kg forklift.
  • Handle various sizes and shapes.
  • Integral lateral displacement.
  • Compact and efficient design.

Main characteristics

  • Minimum/maximum opening is 360 mm / 1,620 mm.
  • Load capacity is 1,900 kg / 2,200 kg.
  • Pickup length of 1,200 mm.
  • Total weight 310 kg.

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