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3 reasons why recycling systems in concrete plants are a great investment.

by | Oct 6, 2021 | Concrete | 0 comments

Times when leftover or bad concrete was dumped in a landfill are long gone. The concrete industry is now aware of the many benefits that recycling systems contribute to concrete production plants, both economically and environmentally.

There is a lot of information on the internet about recycling systems. At Frumecar, we have always taken this issue seriously. In our catalogue, we have recyclers that remove surplus concrete from construction sites and concrete mixer trucks, while separating aggregates from the water for later reuse. Additionally, we offer solutions that breathe new life into surplus concrete by transforming it into new, ready-for-sale products, as we will discuss below. Because we know that recycling, in a concrete production plant or on a construction site, is good for your business, for many reasons. In this post we are going to talk about the 3 main reasons.

1. Protecting the environment.

In the past, surplus concrete would be taken to a landfill or waste land. This meant, not only meant a waste of resources (transport time, operators, trucks, fuel), but also environmental and economic damage. It also hindered the subsequent agricultural use of these lands, as making them productive again would have been hard work to prepare and would deteriorate their future yield. Therefore, it must be understood that environmental protection is positive both for society and for the business itself, as it improves both the ecological and economic conditions on construction sites and concrete production plants.

2. Maximising the use of material in concrete production plants

Recovering and reusing surplus concrete has become a source of income for plants and construction sites. This concrete can be used for successfully producing blocks that can be used to make components for urban fixtures: walls, seats, signage elements, temporary and removable constructions, and even housing.

At Frumecar, we have a product, Frumeblock which quickly and easily converts surplus concrete into blocks of various sizes that can be easily marketed. 

3. Making use of wastewater

Climate changes relating to carbon footprints and rising temperatures are affecting the planet’s water reserves. Reusing wastewater – instead of drinking water – has become imperative for companies, administrations and individuals. Concrete recyclers play an important role in this respect by separating the aggregates and solids from the water, enabling the water to be reused for the manufacture of new concrete.

Recycling water is an opportunity to match economic performance with ecological benefits, since reducing concrete discharges also improves the state of groundwater.

Recycling is not only an obligation to the environment, but also an opportunity to improve the conditions and productivity of your concrete plant or construction site. There are more benefits to be derived from recycling concrete. If you want to learn about them contact with us. We would be delighted to help you.

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