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The Innovation Committee: the creation of an innovative culture at Frumecar.

by | Sep 1, 2021 | Innovation | 0 comments

For Frumecar, innovation means looking to the future. Leaving the day to day for a moment, and thinking about what we want to be in 3, 5 or 10 years’ time. Our mission is to lead value creation in the concrete sector and to improve the service we offer our customers, making it increasingly comprehensive. All the members of Frumecar take it on as our personal task, as part of our corporate DNA.

To materialise this commitment and make it permanent, we have created an interdepartmental body within our corporate structure that monitors and channels all the ideas that arise within the company: the Innovation Committee.

The Innovation Committee has a transversal spirit that stimulates and coordinates the teamwork of members from different areas. At the same time, it is a node for decision making. Its way of working is based on Agile Innovation Project Management.

The committee has adopted an itinerary, a working methodology, based on which it organises its structure. This system helps to generate innovative ideas that seek the common nexus between the needs of customers, the technological capacity of the company and the economic viability of innovations.

It is based on creating an ecosystem that facilitates the emergence of empathy. Empathy with the client, with their wishes and needs. Because what we produce, we ultimately produce for people. It is therefore very important that this process involves members from all our departments, providing diversity – of backgrounds, of perceptions, of qualifications – and that they collaborate as a team, to reach a broader spectrum of conclusions and ideas. For everything to work, you have to adopt a type of outlook and attitude that encourages curiosity and the ability to observe.

Innovation requires commitment, organisation and drive. Frumecar wants to lead the future of concrete and is putting resources, time and people into shaping it. To stay ahead of trends, and be able to offer customers what they need in the manner that suits them best.

In a new post, we will detail this process and how it is channelled to obtain innovations quickly and efficiently (the method is not called Agile for nothing).

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