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Frumecar presents DIY “do it yourself” concrete batching plants. An alternative to traditional installations which avoids problems and delays in starting up new facilities.

Frumecar, experts in comprehensive solutions for the concrete industry, has set up an innovative self-installation service for its plants: equipment ready to be assembled by the customer and started up remotely by Frumecar’s technicians.

Due to the current Covid-19 crisis, it has become difficult for people to travel between countries. This situation may pose a problem for our customers’ investment planning. Therefore, Frumecar has created an installation model that harnesses the latest technologies, where customers are able, if they wish, to easily assemble plants with the remote supervision and support of Frumecar.

With this system, the customer receives the precast plant tested and ready to be assembled. The plant comes with a tool box with all of the elements necessary for its installation, a tablet with the assembly instructions and a video that explains the entire process. Through the tablet, the customer has direct contact with Frumecar to enable a remote start-up and offer the option of asking any questions that may arise during the installation of the plant. A simple DIY system that facilitates and simplifies the logistics of implementing Frumecar’s plants if the customer needs it.

Innovation has always been part of Frumecar’s DNA, providing digital and high-tech solutions to drive the concrete industry forwards towards Industry 4.0, continuously supporting its customers during this age of the digital transformation.

In the current situation, digitisation makes even more sense, so we also offer our customers the chance to build DIY concrete batching plants and install the “Frumecar Cloud” management software in them.

This application provides real-time information (work reports, notification alerts, plant maintenance, etc.) without having to physically visit the facilities – turnkey Industry 4.0 by Frumecar.

With DIY concrete batching plants and turnkey Industry 4.0, Frumecar has once again shown that it is at the cutting-edge of production development and transportation for the concrete industry and our strong service-focus helps us to understand the needs of our customers, so that we can deal with any situations that arise on a daily basis together.

Further information about the Frumecar DIY system at:
+34 968 890 000